Easy on your Brand Ambassadors

 Built-in wheels for easy mobility

 One person set-up in less than a minute

 Customize the graphics and message

Fold N Roll

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Fold N roll

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Fold N Roll with Overhead Banner

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Ambassador With 2 Side Tables

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Portable Bars


Ambassador With Beer Tap

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Multi Panel Chiller

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Benefits Of Showtyme Tables And Bars

Our premium products have become the trusted choice for a diverse clientele, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses. Whether it's enhancing the allure of trade shows, elevating the atmosphere of corporate events, facilitating large-scale samplings, or beyond, our solutions redefine versatility and reliability.

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Easy Setup

Our tables are set-up in less than one minute and effortlessly transforms any space, making setup a quick and hassle-free experiencendividually locking, industrial strength casters in steel casings make it easy for you to roll our portable bars.

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Compact Size

Compact and highly portable, our tables are designed to meet your on-the-go needs effortlessly. Their small footprint makes for easy storage and mobility

Untitled design - 2024-02-23T023052.265.png__PID:bcf1b1f6-aaf1-4d18-9f69-607f739799b6

Customizable Graphics

Simply swap out the graphics to effortlessly adapt to the theme or branding of every event. The portable table and bar can easily be moved by a single person

Untitled design - 2024-02-23T033451.011.png__PID:df69607f-7397-49b6-b683-46dd73a1b0e6

Easy Transport

The folding mechanism on the Fold N Roll ensures easy transportation. our tables can fit in most standard size SUV's, large car trunks and trucks. ( Check sizes here)

Untitled design - 2024-02-23T023914.009.png__PID:b1f6aaf1-ad18-4f69-a07f-739799b6f683

Moves On Wheels

Built-in wheels allow a single individual to move these tables, providing a hasstle-free solution and an ideal choice for a variety of occasions and environments

Untitled design - 2024-02-23T034628.466.png__PID:607f7397-99b6-4683-86dd-73a1b0e63f1b

Superior Durability

Our tables are constructed using an aluminium frame for extra stability and utilize high-quality rigid plastic components, which enhances performance against wear and tear

Untitled design - 2024-02-23T024929.022.png__PID:aaf1ad18-df69-407f-b397-99b6f68346dd

Competitve Price

Our competitve pricing makes our portable tables an unbeatable choice for those seeking a competitive option without compromising on quality

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Made In the USA

Crafted and designed in the USA. These tables showcase a commitment to quality and precision in every aspect of their construction. They reflect the pride and craftsmanship of American manufacturing.